Trainers- if you did not see this email, we now have a new way for students to become coaches.
NRA's Education and Training Division is excited to announce the launch of the new NRA Online Shotgun Coach Development Course. This interactive course includes videos, animation, and graphics, as well as detailed descriptions and activities that enforce the learning objectives on how to coach an athlete in the shotgun sports.

Upon successful completion of the course, a candidate will become an Assistant Coach until they complete their field training with a National Coach Development Staff (NCDS) Shotgun member. Upon completing the field training, the Assistant Coach will be upgraded to a Level 1 Shotgun Coach.

The online coach school is one of two options to become a shotgun coach. Candidates also have the option to take the in-person two-day coach school with a NCDS member.

To take the NRA Online Shotgun Coach Development Course, please visit

Email [email protected] if you have questions about the NRA Online Shotgun Coach Development Course.